Conservatives freak out after LSAT test prep book includes a question about ‘racist’ Trump

As the title says, the test preparation book consisted of a question which called Donald Trump unfit for Presidency and there are people who are a freaking out about it.

There were two differences and sections meant to teach law students reasoning skills or logic gaming which were quite disturbing for the people who supported Trump. in the first section, there was an example which illustrated how the procedure to reach a logical conclusion. There was a passage which then demonstrated how the procedure to determine the bias of the writer of the statement works. In the first section, the statements said that Donald Trump is unfit to be the president of The United States. That statement said that Donald Trump lacked the political experience and backs racist policies such as camps and deportation which are internment.

The unofficial preparation work gives a message that the author thinks that Donald Trump is not a good president. The policies which Trump follows and the racist things which lead to the policies are used as an example to justify the conclusion of that author.

How do you evaluate the strength of the connection between the premises and the conclusion will define the score of your reasonableness.another section, there was a multiple choice question and that question referred to Donald Trump as Ronald thump and thus lead to the students deducing the bias of a more pro-Trump statement. in that question, the content said that “His cutthroat business tactics will be quite effective as the nation’s top executive. Mr. Thump’s manipulation of tax and bankruptcy loopholes helped grow his father’s fortune.”

The question continued by saying that:

The author would most likely agree that:

a. Businessmen always make the best presidents.
b. Ronald Thump is the most successful businessman of all time.
c. Manipulating tax and bankruptcy loopholes is always advisable.
d. Ronald Thump’s fortune would not exist without his father.
e. Business experience is directly relevant to succeeding as president.

The admission Council spokesperson Wendy Margolis noted that the publisher of the test prep books is not officially recognized by the provider of LSAT preparation material. She said that all the materials are governed by strict guidelines to order bias and all content undergoes multiple reviews to ensure that there is no bias.

This was clearly not the case when this book was printed. “A preparatory exam book which labeled Donald Trump who is the president of The United States as racist and tax cheat in two questions where it was asking students to conclude rationally presented by an author and to determine, which statement would the author agree to the most” leading to the story which began.

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