Online Wills

It is a remarkable fact that only three in every ten people in this country have bothered to make a Will. The remaining seven will have no control over what happens to their hard earned possessions, as these will be divided up amongst remaining family or relatives, or my even go the Crown.

If you do not have a Will you may be familiar with many of the usual reasons people give for not having one.

    • Death seems so far away
    • You are always too busy to think things through
    • Accidents only happen to other people
    • It is too complicated
    • Solicitors are expensive and so on

You may not think you are rich enough to have a Will. Yet you are probably far wealthier than you realise and once you add up the value of your house, car, savings and possessions as well as any investments including Life Policies you may have taken out, you will realise the true value of your “estate”.

Making Your Will

SHEAdvisor LTD makes making your Will simple. Our online questionnaire takes 10 minutes to complete. We will then thoroughly check the questionnaire to ensure that all legal aspects have been considered and your beneficiaries will receive the full amount they are entitled too.

We will then draw up the Will and either send you the original Will or a Copy (See Depository Facility below).

The cost for this service is £40 per person or £60 per 2 adults within one household.

Depository Facility

We offer you the confidence that upon the event your Will is required it can be located and your last wishes carried out. Our depository service for the storage of your Will ensures it will never be lost.

After the execution of your Will we send a copy to you and store the original in our large fireproof vault. This ensures that the original Will is kept safe until such time as it is needed.…