About Us

SHEAdvisor Ltd was set up by Peter Thomas a Solicitor who has over 10 years experience in Matrimonial Law.

Over the years our team has built up a wealth of experience in dealing quickly and efficiently with all types of divorce cases and on average we aim to complete a divorce within four months.

We have also gained an enormous amount of experience in complex divorces which includes overseas cases; issues over service; and defended cases through cross petitions.

Other areas in which we specialise include Financial Applications within the divorce and issues relating to the children of the marriage.

“SHEAdvisor Ltd has developed a new and convenient way of dealing with divorce; we have organised our practice to enable us to deal with your divorce through the medium of the internet. Whilst most people are used to instructing solicitors who are based on the High Street, we believe through dealing with your case on the internet we can offer a quicker and more convenient service, while striving to ensure that we continue to offer a comprehensive and professional service for all our clients.” – Peter Thomas, LLB Solicitor